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Jurassic Park Lunch Box

There are four different Jurassic Park lunch boxes that we have identified.

A black plastic version made in 1992 with a carrying strap. There is also a more popular, red plastic version from Jurassic Park Lost World. A red plastic version from the original Jurassic Park movie that was recalled. Finally, a very cool lunch box that is shaped like a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Below you will find pictures identifying each type of lunch box. They are followed by product listings showing any boxes currently available for purchase.

Version 1 - 1992 Black

Version 2 - 1997 Red Lost World

Version 3 - Red Recalled

This is the most famous of the Jurassic Park lunch boxes. If there is one to collect this is it.

Why was the lunchbox recalled?

Not because of anything that should keep you from buying, such as poisons, toxins, sharp objects, or the link.

Instead - it was recalled shortly after going on the market because someone decided it was not a good idea for children to be drinking out of a thermos with a huge label saying "Warning Biological Material".

We are confident children can distinguish between not drinking poison at home and a play Jurassic Park bottle. But I suppose if you are the company you do not want liability, and if you are the studio with a billion dollar franchise you do not want any bad publicity.

That was the reason for the recall, and the reason why this is now the lunchbox to have.

Version 4 Shaped T-Rex

How cool is this? A green lunch box in the shape of a T-Rex hovering over her next of little T-Rexes.

You do not see shaped lunch boxes every day, and will not see much of this one either. If you see it - yeah - get it.

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1992 rare bio hazard label thermos nos never used


1992 Jurassic World Chris Pratt

Trivia: The first patents for lunch boxes were issued in the 1860s.

Retro Style Tin Tote - Jurassic World

Trivia: The first patents for lunch boxes were issued in the 1860s.

New Jurassic Park listed on! Get this Jurassic Park before others find it.
Jurassic Park

Vintage (1997) The Lost World Dinosaur Thermos by Thermos

Thermos by Thermos The Lost World Vintage 1997 Dinosaur

New Jurassic Park listed on! Get this Jurassic Park before others find it.
Rare Lost World T-Rex Vintage Green

Trivia: Mickey Mouse was the first licensed character to appear on a lunch box.

The Jurassic Park series of three movies if one of the most popular movie franchises of all-time. When the first movie aired audiences were wowed. Nothing like it had been seen before.

A fourth Jurassic Park movie is scheduled for a 2015 release.

Lets face it - kids love dinosaurs - and Jurassic Park is a lot of fun. This helps make the Jurassic Park lunchbox an item many people want to have.

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